A different way of life awaits in Siuntio, surprisingly close to Helsinki. We celebrate diversity and make everyday life a bit more special with a little luxury. We are physically close, but far enough away mentally for you to get the best bits of the hustle and bustle of the capital region and the peace and quiet of the countryside.

Events in Siuntio

Lux Musicae

Lux Musicae lights up the darkness of November with music, bringing old and new music together in unique concert venues.

Siuntion Keskiaikaiset Markkinat

Siuntion Keskiaikaiset Markkinat ry organizes medieval markets and other events related to the history and spirit of the Middle Ages in the Siuntio area. The 2023 medieval market will be held on the 12th of August.

Sjundeå Cup

The Sjundeå Cup is Finland’s biggest handball tournament. It has been played since 1973. The tournament is organized by the sports club Sjundeå IF.

Who says you can’t enjoy routine?

Siuntio is home to many kinds of people: hedonists who enjoy the comforts life, those seeking adventure, and career-oriented people looking for a bit of peace and quiet. Maybe it can be home to you as well?

Discover a more relaxed way of life

Siuntio’s laid-back atmosphere invites you to enjoy life’s little moments and gives everyone the space to be their own lovely selves.

Siuntio’s laid-back atmosphere invites you to enjoy life’s little moments and gives everyone the space to be their own lovely selves.


Asuinalueet ja tontit

Störsvikin talviuintipaikka on avantouimareiden suosikkikohde. Pikkalanlahden rannalla sijaitseva valaistu uimapaikka luo erinomaiset edellytykset hyvää tekevälle pulahdukselle.

Myytävät asunnot

Störsvik on upea, luonnonsuojeltu virkistysalue Siuntiossa. Störsvikistä erityisen tekee sen monimuotoisuus: rantamaisemat vaihtelevat aina matalista kallioista suuriin jyrkänteisiin ja kauniisiin metsiin. Lumikengät jalkaan ja matkaan!


Gårdskullan Joulumarkkinat on klassinen tapa aloittaa joulunvietto. Paikalt löydät lähiseudun käsityöläisiä ja ruoantuottajia. Myös lihakauppa, kahvila ja museo ovat avoinna! Hyvää joulua!

Wonderful and relaxing day trips

Siuntio is filled with exciting castles, stunning cultural landscape, warm and cheery villages and a laid-back atmosphere. Where else can you experience the Amazon and Tuscany in one day?

Learn more about Siuntio’s destinations and attractions

Tips for getting to know Siuntio

A round at Pickala Golf, Finland’s largest golf center

Immerse yourself in medieval manor culture

Go hiking in the seascapes of Störsvik

Buy local produce and local delicacies

Spend a lovely summer day at one of the four beaches

South by Cycle – experience Siuntio and the coast by bike

Discover a more relaxed way of life

The seaside, rural tranquility, lovely villages and a municipal center that takes you to Helsinki in just forty minutes. Come and visit us!

What does everyday life look like through the eyes of someone building a house in Siuntio? You can follow the progress of three construction projects on the Instagram accounts of three of our residents.